iMyfone Umate


Free up space on your iPhone using your PC


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iMyfone Umate is a very handy tool which enables you to transfer all of your multimedia files from your iOS device to your desktop computer, so your mobile device works just like it did on the first day; with plenty of free space, quick, and secure.

The interface is particularly suited for all those who have never used similar tools, meaning you can make use of all of its feature in a simple and efficient way. The first option enables you to get rid of all the junk files that take up space and are never used, such as temporary files and so on. In this tab you can view all of your photos and delete them individually as you please. The second option lets you clean up the entire device memory, deleting its contents, which is why you must be careful when using this option if you don't want to lose all your important items.

The fourth tab on iMyfone Umate focuses on all the important elements of the device, including messages, contacts, images, calendar, call log ... select everything you wish to save or delete in layers, according to your needs. You can see detailed information related to each item in all of them. Any of the options in this tool enable you to do away with things you have no more use for and which only occupy space, leaving you with a faster and more secure device.
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